How much money did Bayern Munich spend on Robert Lewandowski?


The German champions are not the only ones who have a new signing. In the summer, they signed the following players:
* Niko Kovac;
* Lukasz Piszczek;
* Lukas Pert.
The first of these players is a goalkeeper who is expected to become a good replacement for the injured Manuel Neuer. Piszczyki is a defender who is a good option for the club if they want to strengthen the defense. The second new signing is a midfielder who can play on the left flank.

The club has already signed Lewandowski, who will join the team in the summer. It is worth noting that the player will join Bayern in the second half of the season. The price of the transfer is about 100 million euros. The transfer is a great opportunity for the team to strengthen their lineup.
In the summer of 2018, the club signed the young player from Poland, Robert Lewandowska. The player is a talented midfielder who has already managed to score a few goals for the Royal Blues.
It is worth mentioning that the club has a good squad, so the transfer of a new player can be a good opportunity for them. The club has the following options:
1. To buy a new goalkeeper. The cost of the deal is about 50 million euros, and the club will have to pay for it. The goalkeeper is a young player who can be bought for a relatively low price.
2. To sign a new defender. The new player will cost about 30 million euros and will be able to help the club to improve the defense of the team.
3. Another midfielder. The team has already acquired the player, but the club does not have a good selection of players in the attack.
4. A striker. The Royal Blues have a strong lineup, so they can always find a good striker to replace Lewandowski.
However, the most likely option is the third one. The young player has already scored several goals, so he can be used as a substitute for Lewandowski in the team’s attack. The fact that the team has a new striker can be an additional motivation for the players to continue their good performance.
What is the future of the club?
The team has managed to become the champion of Germany for the first time in a long time. The last time they won the title was in 2002. The players have a lot of motivation to win the title again. They have a really good lineup, which can be very effective in the Champions League.
This season, Bayern will be fighting against:
· Liverpool;
· Manchester City;
and many more. The main goal of the Royal club is to win gold medals. The upcoming season will be very difficult for them, because the main competitor will be the Juventus. The fans of the Old Signora are expecting a lot from the team, so it is very important for them to win a lot.
Will Robert Lewanowski be able win the Champions’ League again?
It has been almost a year since the team won the Champions’ League. The previous season, the Royal Club was the champion, but they lost to Liverpool in the final. The following season, they won again, but this time they lost in the semifinals.
As for the future, it is obvious that the Royal team will try to win another gold medals, because they have a very good lineup. The coach of the squad is Jupp Heynckes, who has managed the team for a long period of time. He has a lot experience and knows how to select the best players for the match.
There is a high probability that the new season will bring a lot more success for the squad. They are the main favorites of the Champions league, so there is a real chance that the current season will not be the last for them in the tournament.
Where can fans see the game of the German champions?
In Germany, the game between the Royal and Juventus is a very important match. The match is held at the Juventus Stadium, which is a new stadium built for the football club. The stadium has a capacity of 55,000 people.
Fans can see the match in the stadium, but it is also possible to watch it on the website of sports statistics. The website offers the information about the game, the statistics of the players, and other information about football matches.
At the moment, the main competitors of the Germans are:
• Barcelona;
• Liverpool; and
• Manchester City.
Barcelona and Liverpool are the teams that have a better lineup. However, the German team has the advantage of experience. They know how to use the players in a specific match. This is why the Royal can be considered a real favorite of the tournament, because their lineup is very good.
You can follow the game on the sports statistics website, which offers the latest information about events. Fans can find the schedule of the upcoming matches and learn about the statistics and other details about the team and its players.
How to follow the match of the teams?
Fans of the Bundesliga can follow their favorite teams on the Bundesliga live score website. The platform offers the schedule, the results, and many other details.

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