How much money does Sterling earn at Man City?


The club has recently made a number of transfers, which have led to a number changes in the squad. The main one of them is the acquisition of Sterling, who is expected to help the team in the long run. The Englishman has already managed to score a number goals for the team and, as a result, he is considered one of the main candidates for the Golden Boot.
The price of the player is quite high, however, it is not the only thing that concerns the fans. For example, the cost of the transfer of the Manchester City goalkeeper was also quite high. The goalkeeper is a very important player for the club, because he is able to save the lives of the team’s players.

The cost of Sterling is estimated at around £100 million, which is quite a lot. The player has already scored a number number of goals for his team, so he is expected not to disappoint the fans and the club management.
Who is the main contender for the coveted Golden Boot?
The main contender to win the coveted award is Manchester City. The team has recently managed to win several trophies, so it is quite possible that the club will be able to win even more. The club has a number players who are able to score goals, so they are considered to be the main contenders for the award.
Among the main ones are:
* Sergio Aguero;
* Kevin De Bruyne;

* Leroy Sane.
All of them are able of scoring a number in a match, which makes them the main competitors for the title. The cost of each of them has also increased, so the price of each player has increased.
What are the main advantages of signing a player like Sterling?
Sterling is a player who is able of performing at a high level, which means that he can help the club win even further. The price of Sterling has increased, which has led to the fact that the cost has increased significantly.
One of the advantages of the signing of the Englishman is that he is a good addition to the team. The signing of a player of this level is quite difficult, because the club needs to find a good replacement for the player who has left the team, but Sterling is able enough to help his team in a number ways.
This is why the club is quite confident of winning the trophy. The fans will be very happy if they can see the club winning the coveted trophy.
Where can you find the latest news from the English Premier League?
Fans are always looking for the latest information from the Premier League, which can be found on the website of sports statistics. The information provided by the site is updated in real time, which allows you to always be aware of the latest events.
Manchester City is one of those clubs that are able win the Premier league. The previous season, the team managed to finish in the top-4, which made it possible for them to win a number trophies.
However, the previous season was not the best for the Citizens, because they were not able to finish the tournament in the first position. However, this season is going to be even better for the squad, because it is considered to have a good chance of winning a number trophy. This is why fans are quite confident that the team will be successful in the current season.
You can always follow the latest results of the club on the site of sports statistic, where the information is updated live. The website of statistics is available to all users, which lets them to be aware not only of the results of matches, but also of the news from other parts of the world.
Will the team be able win gold medals again?
It is quite likely that the Citizens will be one of these clubs that will be in the leading position again. The current season is quite successful for the City, and the team is considered a real contender for winning a lot of trophies. The squad of the Citizens is quite strong, which will allow it to win gold cups again.
Many people have already predicted that the current campaign will be a success for the Manchester club. The first matches of the season have already shown that the City is quite capable of winning gold medals. The players are quite capable not only to finish first, but to win all the trophies that are available to them.
In order to follow the news of the matches of your favorite team, it’ll be enough to visit the website, where all the information will be updated in live mode.
How much does the transfer cost of a footballer cost?
Many football players are able, in fact, to earn a lot from their football careers. However it is important to understand that the money that they earn is not always the most important part of their lives.
It’d be nice if they could earn a good amount of money, but there are many other things that they need to do in order to earn money. For instance, it would be nice to buy a new car, but it is also important to buy food and other things.
If a footballer is able, at least, to buy these things, then he will be happy with his life. However the money he earns from football is not all about the money, because there are other things in life that he needs to do.

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