The most valuable teams in Europe, according to Forbes


The summer transfer window has come to an end, and it has been a busy period for clubs in the Premier League. The list of the most valuable clubs in Europe is the following:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
* Tottenham Hotspur.
The Premier League is the most prestigious football league in the world, which means that the competition is intense. This is the reason why the clubs have to be especially careful with their transfers.
All the latest news on the Premier league
The English Premier League has become one of the main football tournaments in the whole world. It is a tournament that attracts the best football players from all over the world. The Premier League started in 1992, and the current champion is Manchester United. The previous champion was Chelsea. The current champion of England is Liverpool, who was founded in 1888.
This season, the Premier tournament is very interesting, because the teams fight for the champion title. The top 4 teams are:
1. Manchester United 2. Liverpool; 3. Chelsea; 4. Arsenal.
Manchester United has won the Premier trophy for the second time in a row. This season, Manchester United is the main favorite of the Premier championship. The team has a great lineup, which is the best in the league.

The main goal of the team is to win the Champions League. However, the main competitor of Manchester United this season is Chelsea. This year, the Blues have a good lineup, but they are not able to win a trophy.
In the Premier, the teams play against each other for a long time, so the competitors are not tired. This allows the teams to be more focused on the next match.
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Live football results of all the tournaments
The football season has already ended, and now the fans can enjoy the live football results. The English Premier league is the strongest football league of the whole planet. The best teams are fighting for the title of the strongest.
Chelsea is the current champions of England. The club has a good roster, which allows it to be the main contender for the championship. Liverpool is the second champion of the English Premier. The Reds have a great roster, but their results are not so good.
At the moment, the top 4 are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea.
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Main favorites of the Europa League
The Europa League is another tournament that is very popular among fans. The Europa League has a long history, and this is the third time that the tournament has been held. The tournament was founded by the European football, which was called the Champions Cup.
Since 1993, the Europa Cup has been played. The winner of the tournament is awarded with the European Cup. The most successful club in the history of the competition was Spartak. The main favorites of this tournament are: Ajax, Liverpool and Manchester United
The current champion in the Europa league is Ajax. The Dutch club has won this tournament for the third consecutive time. The Ajax players are very motivated to win another champion title, because they are very confident in the future.
If the team wins the Europa cup, it will be the first time that Ajax has won it. The players are confident, and they are ready to fight for gold medals.
Ajax is a very good team, and its success is due to the following factors:
· good lineup;
· individual skills of the players;
• motivation of the leaders.
We will see if the team will be able to repeat its success in the next season.

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