What’s wrong with Chelsea – and what would Mourinho do to fix it?


In the summer, Jose Mourinho was appointed as the head coach of the London club. The Portuguese has already managed to win the Europa League, and he has already won the FA Cup. Now, the main task of the Portuguese is to win gold medals in the Champions League.
The Chelsea team is one of the main contenders for the title. The team has a great lineup, which can be called a “golden triangle”. The main players of the team are:
1. Diego Costa;
2. Luka Modric;
3. Eden Hazard.
All three players are able to decide the fate of the game in their own way.
However, the team has its problems too. The first is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of winning, and they want to win trophies.
Chelsea is not the only team that is trying to win a lot of trophies. The other teams are more motivated, and the main goal of the teams is to achieve the maximum number of points.
What can the future bring for Mourinho’s team?
The main thing is that the team will be able to play in the Europa league, and it will be much easier to do that. The Europa league is one tournament that is very important for the team.
At the moment, the Portuguese’ team is not in the best shape. The problem is that they have not won the Europa tournament for a long time. This is the reason why the team is so confident, and so motivated.
In order to improve the situation, Mourinho has to do the following:
* Change the lineup;
* Change the tactics of the matches;
These are the main tasks that the Portuguese has to solve. The coach has already started to do this, but it is still not enough.
If you look at the results of the previous season, you can see that the Chelsea team has not been able to do well in the tournament. The club has not won any trophy, and this is the main problem.
Will the team be able win the Champions league this time?
Now, the Chelsea players are not in a good shape. This can be seen in the results. However, the club has a good lineup, and can be considered as a ‘golden’ club.
This season, the players of Chelsea are in a very good shape, too. They are in the top 4 of the EPL, and their results are not that bad. The only problem is the fact that the club is not able to win any trophy.
So far, the season has been successful for the club. It has won the EFL Cup, and now it is ready to win more trophies. In the future, it will become much easier for the Chelsea to win titles, because the team can focus on the Europa and Champions league tournaments.

The team has already begun to play well, and its results are good. The results of Chelsea in the Epl are not bad, but the club needs to do a lot to get to the top.
Who can replace Mourinho at Chelsea?
If the team does not win any trophies, then it will not be able compete with the top clubs. The top clubs have a lot more money, and have more stars.
Therefore, it is very difficult to replace the head of the club, because he has the right to choose the lineup of the players, as well as the tactics.
It is possible that the coach of Chelsea will leave the club and will be replaced by someone else. The new coach will have to do his best to improve Chelsea’ results.
There is a high probability that the new coach of Mourinho� will be the former Manchester United head coach, Josep Guardiola. The two coaches have a great experience of winning the Champions trophy. Now the team of Guardiola is in the leading position in the English Premier league.
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Main Epl Results
The season of the Premier league is coming to its end. The Epl is the most important tournament of the championship. It is very interesting, because you can find out the results here.
Of course, the Eredivisie is the strongest tournament of all, but there is no doubt that the Premier League is the best. The teams play here for the championship, and if the club wins, it can be the champion.
Now the E PL is very close, and there are only a few rounds left. The struggle for the champion title will be very interesting.
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After the end of the season, we will see who will be champion. The winner of the tournament will be awarded with the title of the best player of the year.
How to watch the E Pl Results?
You should always be aware of the results from the E pl. This tournament is very popular among football fans.

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