Who will be the starting goalkeeper for Euro 2016?


The first matches of the new season of the European Championship have already shown that the level of competition in the tournament is very high. The tournament is divided into two parts, the first of which is held in summer and the second in winter.
The level of the competition is so high that even the best players of the world cannot always be in the best shape. That is why the team of the national team of Ukraine is not the most successful. In the matches against the strongest teams of the Old Continent, the team managed to score only a few points.
However, the main goal of the team is to win the tournament, which is why they have to be very careful in the matches with the strongest opponents.

The main goalkeeper of the Ukrainian national team is Valeriy Lobanovskyi, who has already played in the Champions League. The goalkeeper has already shown himself in the European Championships. The main goal for the team in the new tournament is to get into the top-4.
In the next season, the level will be even higher, so the team will have to play against the best teams of all over the world.
Who will become the starting goalkeeper of the tournament?
The new season is very important for the Ukrainian team, because they will have a lot of chances to qualify for the next stage of the Champions Cup. The new tournament will be held in the summer, so it is very likely that the team can get into a higher position.
This year, the tournament will take place in the group stage, which means that the main competitors of the Ukrainians will be:
* Portugal;
* Germany;
* Italy.
As for the second group, the chances of the Ukraine are not so high, because the team has not been in the top 4 for a long time. The team has only been in it for a few matches, and this is why it is not yet clear who will be its starting goalkeeper.
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Main goal of Ukraine for the new European Championship
The team of Ukrainian national football team is considered one of the main favorites of the upcoming tournament. The level of its competitors is very low, so this means that they have a good chance to get a place in a higher group.
It is very difficult to make a long-term prediction for the future of the club, because it is constantly changing. However, it is known that the club will not be in a position to compete with the Portuguese team, which has already won the tournament.
At the moment, the Ukrainian club is in the middle of the standings, so if it wants to get higher, it will have no problems. The club has a good selection of players, which allows them to play in almost every position. This is why there is no doubt that the Ukrainian football team will be one of those teams that will be able to compete against the Portuguese.
Of course, the Portuguese have a long bench, but the team’s goalkeeper is Valerengo, who is already a good choice for the goalkeeper. The Ukrainian team has no such choice.
Will the team be able not to lose points in matches against stronger opponents?
Of the teams that are in the same group, it can be said that the Portuguese will have the upper hand. The Portuguese team has a long and successful bench, which can be used for other positions.
Valerenga has already proved that he is able to play at the top level. The goalkeepers of the Portuguese are:
1. Simeone;
2. Gelson;
3. Pepe.
If the Ukrainian goalkeeper Valeriya is able, then the Portuguese goalkeeper will have difficulties. The first goalkeeper is a young player, who will have problems with the level and the pace of the game. The second goalkeeper is not a good goalkeeper, so he will have difficulty with the game of the goalkeeper Valere.
Also, the third goalkeeper is an excellent choice for Valere, because he has already managed to make himself a good backup.
All this is enough to prove that the goalkeeper of Portugal is a good player, but not a great goalkeeper. This will be a problem for the Portuguese, because their bench is long and the level is very good.
Do the Ukrainian players have the right to choose their own goalkeeper?
It can be confidently said that they will not have such a choice, because Valere is a very good choice. The young goalkeeper has a very high level of skills, and it is easy to see that he will be an excellent backup for the main goalkeeper. It is also worth noting that he has a lot to learn, because now he has to learn how to play the game in the English Premier League.
One of the reasons that the young goalkeeper is so good is his good work-rate. He is able not only to save the ball, but also to make good interceptions.
Another reason for the good performance of the young goalie is the fact that the coach of the Portugal national team, António Gomes, is a fan of the player.
“Valere is one of my favorite football players,” said the Portuguese coach.

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