Why did Kovacic reject a move to Chelsea?


The Croatian has been in the starting lineup for the Blues for a long time now, and he has been a key player in the team’s success. However, the team has been gradually losing points in the Premier League, and the last time the team won the title was back in the summer of 2016.
The team needs to strengthen its defense, and Kovac’i is one of the main candidates for the job. However the club’ leaders are not happy with the coach’ decision, and they are ready to do their best to get out of the situation.
It is worth noting that the club has already strengthened its defense in the offseason, and it is now ready to fight for the title.
What are the main problems of the team?
The main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape, and their lives are not going well. The main problem is the fact that the team is not in a good shape, because the players are tired of the game, and are ready for a new challenge.
In the current season, the Blues have already lost points in all the matches they have played, and this is a clear sign of the lackadaisical attitude of the players.
At the moment, the club needs to do its best to win the title, because it is not going to be easy for them to do this.
Will Kovac’s resignation solve the problem?
Of course not. The club needs a new coach, and now it is clear that it will be very difficult for Kovac to get a new job.
However, the Croatian coach has already managed to get the job of the head coach of the Croatian national team, and many experts believe that he will be able to do the same for Chelsea.
Kovacic has a lot of experience in the national team”s coaching position, and his experience will be extremely useful for the team. It is also worth noting the fact, that the Croatian is quite popular among the fans, and if he manages to get into the head coaching position at Chelsea, it will definitely help the club in the long run.
If Kovac is appointed to the position of the coach of Chelsea, then the club will have a new leader in the lineup, and that will definitely please the fans.
Who will replace Kovac at Chelsea?
The new coach of Stamford Bridge will have to be able not only to get results, but also to do his best in every match. It will be interesting to watch the new Chelsea coach” s performance, because he will have the opportunity to make a real impact on the team and its results.

It will be especially interesting to follow the progress of the new coach“s players, because they will have an opportunity to show their maximum in every single match. The team needs a real change, because now the club does not have a real leader.
Chelsea” position is quite unstable, and there is a real risk that the players will lose points in matches against weaker opponents. However there is no doubt that the new leader of the Blues will be a real help for the club, and will definitely bring results.
Will the new team leader be able to get rid of the problems of Chelsea” defense?
It all depends on how the new head coach will use the players” individual skills. Kovac has already shown that he can motivate the team, but he needs to find a way to use them in the most effective way.
There are a lot more players in the Chelsea lineup, but the team still lacks a real star player, and so far the coach has not managed to find the right person for the position.
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How to follow Chelsea’ livescore?
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This season, Chelsea is quite busy in the transfer market, and some of the names that have been recently bought are:
• Diego Costa;

•; Eden Hazard.
All these players will definitely have a positive effect on the results of the current Chelsea team.
Of all the transfers that have happened in the last year, the most interesting are the transfers of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa. The Belgian player has already become a real sensation in the English Premier League. He is a true leader of his team, who always shows the best results. Costa, on the other hand, has become a new star in the history of Chelsea. The player has become one of England’ main football stars, and has already won several trophies.
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Where to find Chelsea“ livescore results?
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